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Social Media Coaching

Get a firm grasp on social media for your own personal, career or company branding, marketing and reputation management. Learn how to get the search engines to work for you.

Social Media 101

The basics of setting up your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and blogging. Understand how they all work together.

Social Media Marketing

Use social media to market your product, service, company or self.

Social Media Optimization

Optimize all your social media assets and content to effectively drive traffic to your website and to cross promote your social media profiles.

Time Management

Manage your social media profiles efficiently so it does not monopolize all your time. Learn the power of integration and tools to manage your time effectively.

Reputation Management

Monitor your online reputation, position positive press and create a consistent branded image across the web.

* Rates for Spot Coaching Sessions are ($175 for a 1 hour session). Virtual sessions available.  

* Customized Coaching Rate Plans vary depending on length of time and sessions. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to determine pricing.

* Credit cards are accepted via PayPal. 

Start your social media coaching plan TODAY! Call 435-633-1619 or email [email protected]